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Boyos Soundsytem

Boyos Soundsystem, an Amsterdam-based trio of DJs - Nicolaas, Tomas, and Mick - are known for their electrifying sets across the Netherlands, transforming house parties into vibrant dance events. With their eclectic blend of Brazilian Boogie, Soca, Zouk, Italo, Disco, and Afro House, they have lit up stages at events such as De Zon Festival, Veerplas Festival, and the legendary Woodstock 69. Their performances are a unique journey through sound, creating unforgettable experiences. Join the groove and be part of their musical voyage. Stay groovy!

Boyos Merch

Boyos is an Amsterdam based fashion brand. Boyo is an old Irish term meaning good friend or brother. That is what Boyos is born from, a band of brothers. Join our band, buy our apparel designed by Mickey Anthony.